AMWA Cross Belts 30th & 31st January 2016

Cross Belts 2 Stage Rally

(Salisbury Plain), opposite F Range between Bulford Camp and Tidworth Garrison, Wiltshire

(Same location as the Fun/Training Weekend)

Championship points awarded for this event

By Kind Permission of the Ministry of Defence

Sponsored by



Rally Entry Form   PDF DOC
Saturday 30th January 2016 (Day Stage) & Sunday 31st January 2016 (Day Stage)

ENTRY CLOSING DATE:    Monday 25th January 2016

ENTRY FEES:       See Entry Form which is available to download from

Steve Whitfield 07763 329022
John Binding 07734 855914
Kevin Aiston 07500 907648

Steve Whitfield,5 Maple Way, Durrington, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 8RJ

(Cheques and postal orders payable to: The Alaskan Malamute Working Association (In full).  Payment can also be made by PayPal)

Saturday 30th January 2016 – 06:00hrs
Sunday 31st January 2016 – 06:00hrs

Saturday 30th January 2016 – From 07:00hrs near the start line.
Sunday 31st January 2016 – From 07:00hrs (for those competing on Sunday only)
Entrants are only required to get their rig inspected once before their first run.

Saturday 30th January 2016 – 08:00hrs
Sunday 31st January 2016 – 08:00hrs

Saturday 30th January 2016 – 08:30hrs
Sunday 31st January 2016 – 08:30hrs

STARTING ORDER:  Random Draw (Saturday).  Seeded (Sunday)

All competing dogs must be 12 months old or over to compete at an AMWA event!
• M1 = 1 Dog Alaskan Malamute
• M2 = 2 Dog Alaskan Malamutes
• MS = 3 + Dog Alaskan Malamute
• ASFDC = 2-4 Mixed Sled Dog i.e. Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky, Samoyed, CED, Greenland (Minimum 1 freighting breed)
• ES = 2 Dog Siberian Husky
• DS = 2-3 Dog Siberian Husky
• CS = 3-4 Dog Siberian Husky
• BS = 4-6 Dog Siberian Husky
. DV= Veteran (2/4 Dog with an average age of 7 – Any Sled dog combination)
• S1 = Scooter 1 dog only
• J1 = Junior 12 – 18 years (1 dog only)
• J2 = Junior 8 – 11 years (1 dog only)

Both Days – MS, M2, M1, ASFDC, BS, CS, DS, ES, DV,S1, J1, J2.

This is an exciting new rally which utilises part of the training trail which will be familiar to those who attend the annual Fun/Training weekend. Subject to the weather conditions the trail distance for classes MS, M2, M1, ASFDC, BS, CS, DS and ES will be approx. 3.2 miles. DV, S1, J1 and J2 will be approx. 1.2 miles. Both can be shortened if required.


The start will be at the Fun/Training Weekend normal finish down to the stone track. Turning right onto the track (Past the bottom of the camp site), around the bend and then another right into a wood. The dogs will love the trail through the woods which exits onto a lane with high sided hedges on either side. A few more turns and there could be a few muddy bits and you start working your way back towards part of the training trail. Turning left onto the training trail (So going in reverse) and following along heading towards the edge of Shipton Bellinger. This brings you unto the “Tunnel”. Back into open space and heading back toward familiar ground for some continuing to the finish.


Most of the trail will be grass with some parts that are compacted mud or stone. Booting is discretionary.

No wet acid batteries may be carried.
Plastic lenses are recommended, but any glass must be taped or preferably bagged.
Back-Up lights must be carried i.e. a head torch.  The lights must be available for inspection.

STONEHENGE VETERINARY HOSPITAL SP4 8DP. Tel:01980 654404/654410, for out of hours service you may need to go to the Salisbury Practice VETSNOW on 01722 238079 Post Code SP1 3UH. Ask event staff for help.

Please see Notice Board

SALISBURY NHS. Post code SP2 8BJ Tel No 01722 336262

Catering will be provided by A Salt N Battered

A Portable toilet will be provided

Please Be Careful

Please remember that the Cross Belts site is a Military Training Area and that we have to abide by their rules and laws which are all to do with safety. When out walking do not pick anything up off the ground, you will come across various types of ordinance IT MAY NOT HAVE FIRED correctly and go off in your hands.

The ranges should be open over the weekend but this could change, so if you see any RED FLAGS flying DO NOT go passed the flag line.

RUBBISH: We have the use of this venue on the understanding that there is no trace of our presence on the day after the rally. This means that you must clear up your dogs, fill in any holes dug and remove all litter. Please do not chain your dogs to the trees. Thanks You!

Camping is permitted on the main camp site. A small charge of 5.00 for Saturday night will be payable.



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