AWTD Silver Plus

Working Legends

AMWA Working Trek Dog

Silver Plus

Minimum distance of 39 miles trekking completed at an official AMWA event over 2 days, consisting of 2 day treks & 1 night trek

upon completion of this Working Trek Dog level the Sled dog in question will proudly be able to display the letters ‘AWTD’SP’ after their official name..


Time to Rock N Roll At Dreamwolves AWTD’C’S’SP’

13 karma

BIS UK CH Dreamwolves Celtic Wizard AWPD C’B’S AWTD C’S’ SP – Karma

14 Cochise

Multi BISS RBISS CH Hawkeye Polarni Usvit within Dreamwolves’ WPD’ WPDA’ WTD’ AWPD’C’B’S’G AWTD’C’S’SP – Cochise

15 Chaya

BPISS CH Follow My Dreams Polarni Usvit Via Dreamwolves’ WPD’ WTD’ AWPD’C’B’S’G AWTD’C’SP – Chaya

Arcticice Qimmiq Anana At Akna (IMP CAN) AWTD'C'SP - Aurora

Arcticice Qimmiq Anana At Akna (IMP CAN) AWTD’C’SP – Aurora

Napu Of Northwinds At Akna *** (IMP CAN) SHCM AWPD'B AWTD'C'SP - Napu

Napu Of Northwinds At Akna *** (IMP CAN) SHCM AWPD’B AWTD’C’SP – Napu

Akna Northern Soul *** AWTD'SP - Maple

Akna Northern Soul *** AWTD’SP – Maple

seal crufts

Akna Morzine AWTD’SP – Seal

Shepherdsway Cinders At Akna AWTD'SP - Siku

Shepherdsway Cinders At Akna AWTD’SP – Siku

CAN CH Arcticice Qimmiq G Amorak Avec Akna (IMP CAN) AWTD'SP - Rook

CAN CH Arcticice Qimmiq G Amorak Avec Akna (IMP CAN) AWTD’SP – Rook

Akna Asavakkit *** AWTD'SP - Akira

Akna Asavakkit *** AWTD’SP – Akira

Arctictreks Wonderful Life AWTD'B'S'SP - Titan

Arctictreks Wonderful Life AWTD’B’S’SP – Titan

Icewolf Oh Lala AWTD'B'SP - Tinker

Icewolf Oh Lala AWTD’B’SP – Tinker

Arcticreks Dushka AWTD'B'S'SP - Dushka

Arcticreks Dushka AWTD’B’S’SP – Dushka


Articrainbow’s Two Socks At Mountaintrek WTD, WLD, AWTD’C’B’BP’S’SP, – Polar


Kirakoo Born N Bred At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’S’SP, AWPD’C – Furby


Kirakoo Against All Odds At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’B’BP’S’SP – Shadow


Kirakoo Bright Star At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’B’BP’S’SP,AWPD’C – Miyah


BBISS’ RBBISS Monikoona Lucky Penny within Arctictribe AWPD’C’B, AWTD’C’S’SP, WTD, WPD, WTDA – Penny


RBPIS Northspirit Born For Glory within Arctictribe AWTD’C’SP AWPD’C’B WTD WPD WTDA – Sampson