AMWA Working Trek Dog Title Scheme


An introduction by John Binding

Working our dogs in harness over greater distances is more challenging than sprint races, it is what our dogs are bred to do, its fun, and is becoming more popular.

Until late 2012 the only way of recognising your dog’s achievements is to meet the criteria of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America (AMCA) and gain their working titles. The AMWA Working Trek Dog Title Scheme was then launched and provides a scheme to suit all abilities and the environment our countryside has to offer.

Brief details of the scheme are outlined below. The full document, which can be found HERE, is to be read in conjunction with the Long Distance Trek Rules.


The AMWA Working Trek Dog Title scheme has been designed as a means of recognizing the achievements of your Sled dogs on Long Distance Treks organized by AMWA.
There are different levels to work towards based on a variety of distances.  The titles like our AMCA counterparts are not currently recognized by the Kennel Club but can be used with your pedigree name.

The Working Trek Dog Titles can only be achieved by taking part in an official AMWA organized Long Distance Trek. Therefore the administration will be kept to a minimum and the distance achieved can be verified by an organiser.


The Long Distance Trek Entry Form is the only paperwork required to be submitted where you can annotate your intent to achieve the appropriate level of choice.
It is important that when completing the Entry Form you correctly annotate the full KC registered name(s) and number(s) or rescue number(s) of the dog(s) in your team. This information will be used for planning purposes by the organisers.


The distances shown for each level are the minimum required (see example below).  Therefore there will be the flexibility for you to change your mind on the trek, the
distance you have achieved will be verified by an organiser and there is still a possibility that your team or part thereof could still have done enough towards a lower level title.

In conjunction with the Long Distance Trek Rules, the achievable distance will be dictated by your team size, age of dogs, fitness and ability to cover the appropriate mileage.

Up to and including level Silver Plus the titles can be achieved in any order. Level Silver Plus must have been attained before attempting Gold, Gold Plus and likewise level Platinum.

e.g. A two dog team (and Musher) attempt to achieve level Bronze Plus.  The minimum distance is 20.5 miles over two days which would be the 7.5 mile trek on one day and 13 miles on the other.  On day two, dog (A) is dropped off with a Marshal due to a cut pad having completed at that point a total of 18 miles.  Dog (B) continues to the end.

Dog (A) having completed a total of 18 miles would have qualified for level Bronze AWTD(B) with the minimum distance being 15 miles.  Dog (B) having completed the minimum 20.5 miles would have qualified for level Bronze Plus – AWTD(BP).

With the exception of Level Copper the runs must be completed over the two consecutive days.

AWTD Register – 23-Aug-2017

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Josh Pitcher, Lyla & Abel – Great Ridge Trek 2018
Glen Ward’s Team – Salisbury Christmas Trek 2017
Picture by Caroline O’Hare


Josh Pitcher & lyla – Christmas Trek 2016