Club information and Downloads.

Rules and Regulations

The Rally Rules have now been updated. The version is identified by V for version followed by a number which is the month the amendment was published followed by the year. Please ensure when entering an event that you use the up to date entry form ONLY.

AMWA Association Rules: V10.2016

AMWA Rally Rules: V09.2017

AMWA Long Distance Trek Rules: V09.2017

AMWA Backpacking Event Rules: V.5.2013

AMWA Weightpull Rules: V5.2013

AMWA Cani-cross Rules: V.5.2013

Entry Forms

Rally Entry Form: V11.2016 PDF DOC

Trek Entry Form: v09.2017 PDF DOC

Recreation Class Entry Form: v4.2016 PDF

Membership Forms

New Membership Application Form: v05.2016 (PDF)  (MS Word)

Membership Renewal Form: (PDF)  (MS Word)

Miscellaneous Information

AMWA  A Guide For Spectators At Rallies & Treks: V05.2013

AMWA Working Trek Dog Titles: V05~2013

AMWA Proposal Form

AMWA Working Number Application Form: PDF

World Sled Dog Association: WSA

Starting Training: HERE

When & Where To Train: HERE

Tips For Attending Your First Rally: HERE

The Worker Magazine: HERE

AMWA Working Schemes: HERE
* AMWA Working Trek Dog Scheme: HERE
* Trek Dog Rosette Order Form: HERE
* AWTD Register: 01 Jun 16
* AMWA Working Trek Dog Rules: V05.2016

* AMWA Working Pack Dog Scheme: HERE
* Copper: HERE
* Bronze: HERE
* Silver:  HERE
* Gold:   HERE
* Platinum: HERE