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By John Binding – September 2013
On behalf of the Committee I am pleased to announce the launch of payments by Paypal which is available to all AMWA members. It is a quick and effective way of paying for your membership and events. If you don’t already have a PayPal account it is simple to register at

Please find below the details on how to use the service by Tina our Treasurer:

“In order to keep up with the times and for ease of use we are pleased to announce that members can now pay for memberships, goods, rallies, backpacking & treks etc with PayPal. Please use the PayPal Buttons or follow these simple directions:

1. Log in to your PayPal account
2. Select the tab at the top labelled “Money” then select “Send Money”
3. Select “Pay for goods or services”.
4. Enter our email payment address from the list above.
5. Fill in the total you are sending.
6. Fill in “Special instructions” with the details of what you are paying for.
7. Click on “Continue”
8. Click on “Send Money Now”.

PayPal will then send a receipt for your payment which you should keep. If you have any queries or problems using this then please contact me”

To help Tina identify where the payment has come from I would suggest that in the message box you enter details along the lines of the example below. By incorporating your membership number it will help Tina to confirm eligibility to use the facility:  e.g. ‘Kings Forest Rally Payment. Membership No 86 John Binding’

AMWA PayPal – Payment (email) Addresses

By John Binding – 19th July 2016
When submitting an Entry or Booking Form for an Event or renewing / applying for annual membership it is a time consuming process for the Club Treasurer to trawl though each payment received and allocate it to the correct event and notify the appropriate organiser.

It doesn’t help for example if Miss Smith completes the booking form in her name and the payment is made by her partner Mr Jones if sufficient comments are not annotated in the payment notes to link Mr Jones to Miss Smith. Please help us by you putting the relevant information in the notes section.

To help ease the burden, we have now created a series of PayPal addresses appropriate to the type of event or activity so if utilised correctly along with appropriate information in the notes the workload for Tina should be reduced by 50%. These PayPal addresses are now live so please feel free to use the appropriate one relevant to what you want to pay for.