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AMWA Working Pack Dog Bronze Level

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Level General Info

The Bronze award can be the first Level you embark on, or a step up from the introductory ‘Copper’ Level.

To achieve the Bronze Award the total mileage is 40 miles and must be completed in legs of no less than 10 miles.

The Bronze level can be undertaken anywhere and on any form of terrain (we do advise however that you try and find routes which are kind to your dogs feet). An example of terrain for the Bronze level could be a canal towpath.

Dog must carry where applicable a daily starting weight equal to a minimum of 20% of the dog’s weight.

This weight of the dogs pack is expected to decrease through out the trip/leg due to consumption of items such as food or water.

The scheme is open to all KC & Welfare/AMWA Working No/Purebred registered Alaskan Malamutes, and all KC/registered Purebred Sled-dogs aged 12 months and over on the first day of the leg/walk. –


Self Sufficiency

This Level does not require any self sufficiency or overnight camps outs.  Of course if you would like to camp out or be self sufficient then that is more than ok!



The certificate is primarily self-assessment based, so it is down to you to record your progress and then afterwards report all details on the application form.

You are encouraged to use GPS devices and provide a screen shot of each leg/trip with your application but it is a good idea not to rely on GPS tracking 100% as the only evidence….
You should take a few photos en-route that show your dog has reached key points or identifiable locations ie:- a monument, trig point, road sign or obvious topological feature. The location of these photos can then be marked on the map. When linked to a photo of say a daily newspaper (where possible), the electronic time/date stamp held against each photo will give a clear record of your progress.

Whilst this may sound arduous, it’s not meant to be. We aren’t expecting participants to provide a step-by-step log of their every move. We just want to see reasonable evidence of your progress.


Elevation Mileage Bonus

If you can provide clear evidence of elevation gain for each leg/day of your total trip this can be submitted along with your completed application to make up the final mileage total for the trip

Any elevation gain 500ft and over can be included in your application, but you must work out the ‘Bonus’ mileage yourself and provide the supporting CLEAR evidence yourself! (if the evidence is not clear or has not been worked out by the applicant then the Sub-Committee will not include the Bonus mileage – if in doubt please ask!)

The elevation bonus can be substituted for mileage over 500ft ‘500ft = 0.5 miles’ (rounded down)

Example –  766ft = 0.5miles / 1084ft = 1.0miles



A witness must sign the form to be sent to the relevant Pack Dog Co-ordinator verifying proof of leg/trip & distances, pack weight and dog competing. The witness does not need to complete the distance unless willing and it is acceptable for a witness to verify the start and finish of your trip only. (see page 3 of application form)
You will also need proof of your dog’s weight.  We have devised a form for you to take along to your local Veterinary Practice, (see top of page)which can be signed by any member of staff who works there as long as they have been involved in weighing your dog.  The form is then valid for 28 days from the day of weigh-in.


And finally …

Any rule can be broken or ignored. Shortcuts can be taken. Knowledge can be skimped upon. But what will you actually gain from doing that, not to mention dishonouring your dog?
Follow the spirit of the rules, and you will find that the guidance and rules in all the information will support and encourage you to progress through the various levels. Above all else, remember that the enjoyment in backpacking comes from working
together as a team with your dog/s. It’s about the countryside you traverse, the people you meet and the places you visit. Take your time and enjoy it.



Forms / Contact info –


Bronze Application Form: | PDF

Dogs proof of weight form: Doc | PDF

Guidance & Equipment: PDF

Easy to Follow Table / All Levels: PDF


For Bronze level queries please use the following email:

Bronze Level Co-Ordinator: Mrs Corinna Clarke Whiteout Alaskan Malamutes