AMWA Paypal Emails

AMWA PayPal – Payment (email) Addresses

When submitting an Entry or Booking Form for an Event or renewing / applying for annual membership it is a time consuming process for the Club Treasurer to trawl though each payment received and allocate it to the correct event and notify the appropriate organiser.

It doesn’t help for example if Miss Smith completes the booking form in her name and the payment is made by her partner Mr Jones if sufficient comments are not annotated in the payment notes to link Mr Jones to Miss Smith. Please help us by you putting the relevant information in the notes section.

To help ease the burden, we have now created a series of PayPal addresses appropriate to the type of event or activity so if utilised correctly along with appropriate information in the notes the workload for Tina should be reduced by 50%. These PayPal addresses are now live so please feel free to use the appropriate one relevant to what you want to pay for.

The appropriate PayPal payment address will be annotated on each Event Flyer Entry / booking forms.

24th July, 2016.