AWPD Platinum

Working Legends

AMWA Working Pack Dog


  180 miles carrying 30% bodyweight with a minimum trip distance of 30 miles which takes place in designated UK wilderness

upon completion of this Working Pack Dog level the Sled dog in question will proudly be able to display the letters ‘AWPD’PL’ after their official name..

Arctictreks Thriller for Bearzest WTD, WTDA, WLD, WPD, WPDA, WPDX, WWPD, AWPD B’S’G’PL, AWTD C’B’BP – Taboo

Inupiat’s Ijiq Be Bop A Lu La at Sockeye WTD, WPD, WTDA, WPDA, WPDX, AWPD’B’S’G’PL, AWTD’BP – Bebop


If you would like your dog added to the Working Legends, please contact Natalie Lovegrove with a photo of your dog. (photos should be 150px x 150px)