Working Legends

AMWA Working Trek Dog

Roll of Honour


A suffix will be awarded to those Sled-dogs whose progeny have met the criteria established by the Roll of Honour Working Trek Dog Scheme of the Alaskan Malamute Working Association.


Roll of Honour Trek Dog


Inupiat’s Ijiq Be Bop A Lu La at Sockeye WTD, WPD, WTDA, WPDA, AWPD’B’S’G’PL AWTD C’B, ROHTD’C– Beebop

18 goose

Kaiyuh Moongoose at Sockeye WTD, WTDA, WPD, WPDA, WWPD’ AWPD’B’S AWTD’C’B, ROHTD’C – Goose





If you would like your dog added to the Hall of Fame, please contact Natalie Lovegrove with a photo of your dog. (photos should be 150px x 150px)