AWTD Bronze

Working Legends

AMWA Working Trek Dog


Minimum distance of 15 miles trekking completed at an official AMWA event over 2 days

upon completion of this Working Trek Dog level the Sled dog in question will proudly be able to display the letters ‘AWTD’B’ after their official name..

Kirakoo Against All Odds At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’B’S – Shadow

Kirakoo Bright Star At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’B’BP’S,AWPD’C – Miyah

Articrainbow’s Two Socks At Mountaintrek WTD, WLD, AWTD’C’B’S, – Polar

Snowshoes Snowbrave AWTD’C’B’S AWPD’B – Obi

Snowshoes I’m the one AWTD’C’B’S AWPD’C – Vader

2 Hudson
Cedarcreek Endurance at Mountainglen WTD’ WPD’ AWPD’B’S AWTD’C’B’BP’S – Hudson

35 Ruby
Icewolf’s Millenium Star at Mountainglen WTD’ WPD’ AWPD’B’S AWTD’C’B’BP’S – Ruby

Inupiat’s Ijiq Be Bop A Lu La at Sockeye WTD, WPD, WTDA, WPDA, AWPD’B’S’G’PL AWTD C’B – Beebop

18 goose
Kaiyuh Moongoose at Sockeye WTD, WTDA, WPD, WPDA, WWPD’ AWPD’B’S AWTD’C’B – Goose

Arctictreks Thriller For Bearzest WTD, WTDA, WLD, WPD, WWPD, AWPD’B’S’G’PL, AWTD’C’B’BP – Taboo

Arctictreks Some Like It Hot For Bearzest WTD, WTDA, WPD, WWPD, AWPD B’S, AWTD’C’B’BP – India

Zeus For Bearzest AWTD'C'B'BP - Zeus
Zeus For Bearzest AWTD’C’B’BP – Zeus

Arcticreks Dushka AWTD'B'S'SP - Dushka
Arcticreks Dushka AWTD’B’S’SP – Dushka

Icewolf Oh Lala AWTD'B'SP - Tinker
Icewolf Oh Lala AWTD’B’SP – Tinker

Arctictreks Wonderful Life AWTD'B'S'SP - Titan
Arctictreks Wonderful Life AWTD’B’S’SP – Titan

Dreamwolves Dream Come True’ AWPD‘C’B’S’G, AWTD’C’B’BP, WPD, WPDA – Niska

‘Dreamwolves Thorin’ has AWPD’C, AWTD’C’B’BP – Thorin