AWTD Silver

Working Legends

AMWA Working Trek Dog


Minimum distance of 26 miles trekking completed at an official AMWA event over 2 days

upon completion of this Working Trek Dog level the Sled dog in question will proudly be able to display the letters ‘AWTD’S’ after their official name..

2 Hudson
Cedarcreek Endurance at Mountainglen WTD’ WPD’ AWTD’C’B’BP’S AWPD’B’S – Hudson

35 Ruby
Icewolf’s Millenium Star at Mountainglen AWPD’B’S AWTD’C’B’BP’S WPD’ WTD – Ruby

BBISS’ RBBISS Monikoona Lucky Penny within Arctictribe AWPD’C, AWTD’S, WTD – Penny

5 Leo
Multi BPIS’ BIS’ Weyekin’s Light My Fire within Arctictribe AWPD’C’B’S, WTD’WPD, AWTD’S – Leo

Casiat Stella De Mattino AWTD’S – Shyla

Time to Rock N Roll At Dreamwolves AWTD C’S’SP’

13 karma
BIS UK CH Dreamwolves Celtic Wizard AWPD C’B’S AWTD C’S’ SP – Karma

14 Cochise
Multi BISS RBISS Hawkeye Polarni Usvit within Dreamwolves’ WPD’ WPDA’ WTD’ AWPD’C’B’S’G AWTD’C’S’SP – Cochise

16 Alfa
Pol Ch Monikoona Eclipse at Northspirit WTD’ WPD’ AWPD’C’B AWTD’C’B’S ROHPD’C – Alfa

17 Junior JJ
Pameiyut Siku at Northspirit WTD’ WPD’ AWPD’C AWTD’C’S – Junior

#66 Northspirit A Star Is Born AWPD'C'AWTD'C - Sabine
Northspirit A Star Is Born WTD’ AWPD’C ‘AWTD’C’BP’S – Sabine

#62 Snowshoes Born a Prince at Northspirit WTD'AWTD'C'AWPD'C - Suka
Snowshoes Born a Prince at Northspirit WTD’ AWTD’C’S AWPD’C – Suka

Ch Pelenrise Brite Knight JW ShCM AWTD’S – Sparki

Ch Pelenrise Brite Illusion AWTD'S - Lunar
Ch Pelenrise Brite Illusion AWTD’S – Lunar

solar need to crop
Ch Siberiaskye Brite Borealis Of Pelenrise JW ShCM AWTD’S – Solar

Tikanni Echoes In The Wind AWTD'BP'S - Tooky
Tikanni Echoes In The Wind AWTD’BP’S – Tooky

Snowshoes I’m the One AWTD’C’B’S AWPD’C – Vader

Snowshoes Snowbrave AWTD’C’B’S AWPD’B – Obi

CW’14 BPIS Malamaison Tell It As It Is WPD WTD AWPD’C’B AWTD’S – Diablo

Chayo Fortune and Glory at Malamaison WTD AWTD’S – Maya

Kirakoo Against All Odds At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’B’S’SP – Shadow

Kirakoo Bright Star At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’B’BP’S’SP,AWPD’C – Miyah

Kirakoo Born N Bred At Mountaintrek WTD, AWTD’C’S’SP, AWPD’C

Articrainbow’s Two Socks At Mountaintrek WTD, WLD, AWTD’C’B’BP’S’SP, – Polar

Arctictreks Wonderful Life AWTD'B'S'SP - Titan
Arctictreks Wonderful Life AWTD’B’S’SP – Titan

Arcticreks Dushka AWTD'B'S'SP - Dushka
Arcticreks Dushka AWTD’B’S’SP – Dushka