AMWA Thetford, Kings Forest East Rally

Event Date
Saturday 27th October 2018 to Sunday 28th October 2018

Entry Closing Date
Saturday 20th October 2018

Kings Forest East, Thetford.

Venue Opens
Saturday 27th October

Rig Inspection
Saturday 27th October 2018 - From 07:30hrs near the start line.
Sunday 28th October 2018 - From 07:30hrs (for those competing on Sunday only)

Head lights for night runs.
Crash helmets for all runs.

All competing dogs must be 12 months old or over to compete at an AMWA event!

M1 1 Dog Alaskan Malamute
M2 2 Dog Alaskan Malamutes
MS 3 + Dog Alaskan Malamute only
4-8 Dog Alaskan Malamute only# (Passenger Rig)
ASFDC(3) 3 dog combination. See
2-3 Dog, Mixed sled dog teams (Any sled/freight dog combination)
ASFDC(8) 4-8 Dog, Mixed sled dog teams (Any sled/freight dog combination)
(Passenger Rig)
DV Veteran (2/4 Dog with an average age of 7 – Any Sled dog combination)
ES 2 Dog Siberian Husky
DS 2-3 Dog Siberian Husky
CS 3-4 Dog Siberian Husky
BS 4-6 Dog Siberian Husky
4-8 Dog Siberian Husky (Passenger Rig)
BKJ Bikejor (1 dog only)
S1 Scooter 1 dog only*
J1 Junior 12 - 18 years (1 dog only)*
J2 Junior 8 - 11 years (1 dog only)*
*- S1, J1 & J2 classes are subject to Forestry Trail approval
- A maximum of 6 dogs on a 3 wheeled Rig. A maximum of 8 Dogs will be permitted on a 4 wheeled Rig

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