World Sleddog Association

Since 2012, AMWA is a member of the World Sleddog Association (WSA). With more than 20 member organisations representing some 3000 mushers from New Zealand to Russia, Europe and South Africa, the WSA is the world’s largest sled dog organisation dedicated to working purebred sled dogs.

The organisation’s main objective is to organise in alternating years the World and European Championships for purebred sled dogs. In addition, the WSA organises the Eurocup, a race series that runs between December and February and consists of 6 races in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

To participate in Eurocup races, AMWA members can register directly with the organising clubs.

For the European and World Championships, AMWA can nominate up to five mushers. Let Irene ( know by 31st December if you would like to take part.

For a full list of WSA and Eurocup races:  WSA website


Photos courtesy of Jay Wadrup & Sharr Wolfe


Updated 25-05-18 by Tina Facey.