Racing and Training Equipment

Rig and team set-up

Rig attached to a dog



A rig is used for driving the team when training or racing.


A correctly fitted harness essential when racing your Malamute. The X back harness is one of the most popular harness types used and allows excellent freedom of movement for your dog.


A gang-line is designed to attach the dogs to the front of the rig, this picture shows a short single dog line, larger teams use longer lines.


The snub-line is attached to the rig and is designed to keep the dogs in a holding position, for example you would use the snub-line by attaching it to a static object while you deal with an injured dog or re-arranged your team, thereby preventing the team from moving off without the musher.


The neck-line allows you to attach two dogs by the collar when working two dogs together.

Screw-gate Carabineer

The screw-gate Carabineer attaches the gang-line and snub-line to the Brushbow connector.

All equipment on this page except the rig were purchased from Culpeppers

Article and photos by Lorna Bartlett