When and where to train

Training in a safe environment is paramount to your dogs’ safety and your own. The best place to train is on Forestry Commission or Local Council owned ground, but you will need a permit to do so.

As with most sports you will need Public Liability Insurance in case of accidents. Snopeak offers good rates on insurance but many clubs have insurance packages such as the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain.

If you have access to privately owned land it is still best to have insurance cover as accidents happen any where!

Choose your training days wisely. It can still be hot in the early part of the Rally Season and even spring is getting warmer. Thus you must keep your dog well hydrated as they may suffer from heat stroke. If you are warm – your dog will be three times or more hotter with its fur coat designed for the cold climate of Alaska! And remember to monitor not only the temperature but humidity levels.

During Training or a Rally keep an eye on the weather and your dogs behaviour. Ensure a good supply of clean drinking water is available at all times. If your dog(s) seem to be getting too hot – stop training at once.